2016 PMTA Fall Festival Gold Medal Winners
Stella Meyers - 2016 Fall Festival
Sonatina in a, No. 3 by Olson
Makayla Novack - 2016 Fall Festival
Tolling Bells, Op. 125, No. 8 by Heller
Zeke Rolando - 2016 Fall Festival
Prelude in G, No. 2 by Miller
Andrew Rhoads - 2016 Fall Festival
Waltz in a, Posthumous by Chopin
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2016 Musicales
2015 Musicales
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PMTA Fall Festival Gold Medal Winners - 2012-2015
Taara Shastri - 2015 Fall Festival
Prowling in the Moonlight by Kevin Olson
Audrey Novoa - 2015 Fall Festival
Jackson Street Blues by Martha Mier
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Taara Shastri - 2014 Fall Festival
Prelude No. 2 by Carolyn Miller
Andrew Rhoads - 2013 Fall Festival
Applachian Air and Dance by Shaak
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Sakilae White - 2012 Fall Festival
The Storm by Burgmuller
Andrew Rhoads - 2012 Fall Festival
Through Forest and Field by Gurlitt
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