Kristen Baker

"It has been nice to see both of my kids learn so much this year.  It is also great to see them transform from crying during practice to kids who really enjoy just playing for fun.  They seem to be soaring in their progress well above their peers who are in lessons elsewhere.  Thanks again!"

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Carrie and Jason Horejs
"We have been so pleased watching our son's piano playing progress over the past few years with Carolyn. Music Work's extensive in-house music collection,  piano lab,  partner lessons, and  several performance opportunities throughout the year all make for an exciting musical journey that keeps our son motivated and practicing. We plan on staying for many years to come and know that the musicality our son is learning will bring him joy throughout his life."
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Sreeram Vadlamudi
"Our girls started their piano music classes at MWC when they were 6 and 5 respectively and they have progressed in their skill, enthusiasm and passion for music over the past 2 years.  The curriculum is a good mix of theory and practice and the seasonal performances help the kids perform in front of a friendly audience."
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William Hart
"My son studied piano and guitar at MWC, and my daughter is currently studying piano. I have no doubt that doing so has enhanced their knowledge and appreciation of music, has stimulated their mental and aesthetic development, and has benefited them in ways that will stay with them their whole lives."
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Lorraine Rhodes
"At an early age of four, our son began showing an interest and talent for music and we were lucky enough to find Carolyn Inabinet at Music Works Community. With her years of teaching experience, Prelude Piano Program, and fun practice incentives, our son has blossomed into a talented pianist. Carolyn has exposed us to many enriching opportunities including, Master Classes, PMTA's Fall Festival, Ensemble and the American College of Musicians National Guild. Her dedication to the music community is clear and we continue to feel excited about Music Works Community as we watch our younger children begin her program."
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Sabrina McDowell

"My family's experience with Music Works Community has been amazing and inspiring. Malinda Novack's dedicated teaching approach, and knowledgeable interaction with her students make her classes interesting, well informed and quite enjoyable. Malinda takes the time to get to know all of her students and she is completely dedicated to their individual success. She is encouraging, genuine and positive with all of her students. Music Works Academy has integrated a highly successful lesson plan that really works, even with the little ones. We were blown away at the rate our children caught on and started to comprehend and play music.  Our sons have become passionate about music and cannot wait to attend piano class every week. We are so happy we chose Music Works Academy!" 


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Marcy Johnson
"I've been a student of Carolyn Inabinet for 21 years! It has been a great experience and fabulous fun. I started by taking lessons with my 5-year-old daughter, which was a wonderful introduction to music for her. When she changed to the clarinet a few years later I saw no reason to stop, so I've been part of Carolyn's adult group ever since. There are so many positive aspects to mention, but one thing that has always stood out has been Carolyn's skill and professionalism as an instructor: She has a vast understanding of individual learning styles, and thus caters her teaching to each of us. And she has such a huge recollection of music repertoire that she selects music that is not only best suited to individual tastes and interests, but also that challenge and offer new music experiences that we didn't even know we wanted or were capable of! It's great how MWC caters to all levels of skill, I coming with not much in the way of natural musical talent…But she makes each lesson meaningful (even when not so much talent is combined with not enough practice time!) I always come away rejuvenated and feeling like I have learned yet another dimension of musical composition or technique."
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