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The PRELUDE PIANO PROGRAMS for Young Musicians

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Our program consists of small group piano-discovery classes for preschoolers
and small group piano lessons for kindergarten and first graders
held at Music Works Community.
Join us for a Piano Discovery Class at
Music Works Community this summer!
Meet the instructors, see the studio and experience a 45 min intro class.
These classes meet on Fridays in July and August.  
Classes are confirmed once we have sufficient enrollment.
2018 Fall Prelude Program
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regarding the PRELUDE Piano Program and Curriculum
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WMA Shining Star

SHINING STARS:  Piano-Discovery Classes for children ages 3 years – PreK contain age-appropriate activities for young musicians. Music in Me "Shining Stars" students have fun with Ziggy the Zebra and PreReading Made Fun as well as activites and songs from Harmony Road's Music in Me. More Music in Me students learn how to "LeapFrog" at the keyboard to insure that the arm as well as piano fingers are involved in playing notes. LeapFrogging at the piano also promotes creativity with black key improv patterns. Students learn how to 'take turns' and play rhythmically with background accompaniment files in keyboard adventures with their seven PianoPals friends.

Activities are geared toward developing musicianship skills leading to piano classes. The piano is one of many instruments used in these classes. Finger plays aim at developing piano fingers; solfege singing transfers to the piano as students progress through the classes; rhythm patterns on the big gathering drum find their way into songs on the piano in later classes, etc.
Class Description
ShiningStars Preschool 1 and 2:     Two sequential semesters
Piano or keyboard at home is required.
Children explore music through keyboard and percussion ensembles and activities, ear training and solfege singing, movement, rhythm and finger games. Shining Stars classes are for PreSchool children ages 3 - 5. Two sequential semesters provides a gentle introduction to piano and piano fingers.   
4 - 6 students per class
ShiningStars PreSchool 1: $300 Class Tuition* + $40 Materials Fee = $340 Total
[*Deposit of $85 is required on or before August 1 to hold fall class slot.]
ShiningStars PreSchool 2:  $300 Class Tuition*.   Tuition does not include materials
[*Deposit of $85 is required on or before June 1 to hold fall class slot] 
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WMA Frog

LEAPFROGS:  Piano Classes for kindergarten and first grade students integrate two curricula with supplementary materials to insure that young students are exposed to all elements of music necessary for playing the piano. The the All-in-One Lessons A and B and PianoFonics® address four areas of basic piano skill development. 

COORDINATION: Finger awareness, finger isolation and left/right hand orientation is first a gross motor activity with hands on a gathering drum and then transferred onto the keyboard with piano fingers;

  1. RHYTHM: Drumming promotes rhythm reading and steady beat; percussion ensembles require counting by all musicians; playing the keyboard with a midi background accompaniment develops an internal pulse;
  2. AURAL PERCEPTION: Ear training with solfege singing helps young students ‘feel' high and low in their body; by-copy playing trains ears to listen and speak with piano fingers; playing with midi backgrounds promotes careful listening skills; and,
  3. READING:  Directional interval reading lays the foundation for understanding music notation.
Class Description
Kindergarten:     5 - 6 years old     Two - four sequential semesters
First Grade:         6 - 7 years old     Two sequential semesters
Keyboard or Piano at home is required
The PRELUDE Piano Classes for kindergarten and 1st grade students expose young children to the basic building blocks of music through beginning piano activities and songs.
These classes include a variety of core experiences for young musicians:
1) Ear training with solfege singing and by-copy keyboard playing
2) Ensemble and percussion activities for rhythmic development and listening skills
3) Music reading readiness training with directional interval reading
4) Drumming for hand awareness and left/right orientation as well as development of a steady pluse
5) Fun with piano friends!
3 - 4 students per class
Kindergarten A or Grade 1A:   $375 Class Tuition* + $60 Materials = $435 Total
[*Deposit of $85 is required on or before August 1 to hold fall class slot.]
Kindergarten B or Grade 1B, C, D, E, or F:   $375 Class Tuition**  Tuition does not include materials
[*Deposit of $85 is required on or before August 1 to hold fall class slot.]      
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Meet the Instructors
Casidy Nielsen Monday, Wednesday and Saturday classes
Saki Nabeshima Tuesday, Thursday and Friday classes
Ziggy the Zebra - Be sure to come by and meet Ziggy, our fun and friendly preschool class mascot that helps new young musicians feel right at home in our class and teaches them some important facts every new musician needs.
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