Piano Lessons for All Ages:

Preschoolers to Senior Citizens


3 MWA Piano LessonMWA offers weekly instruction Monday – Saturday.  

Lessons come in several formats:  private, partner and small group (trio or quad).

MWA students come in all sizes, shapes and skill sets

  • All ages
  • The younger students (PreSchool – Grade 1) usually participate in the Prelude Piano Program
  • Second grade – Senior citizen enroll in lessons
  • All levels – beginning to advanced
  • All styles - from classical literature to contemporary sounds
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2 MWA Piano Lesson4 MWA Piano LessonPrivate Lessons:  Lesson length is flexible, ranging from 20-minute to 60-minute weekly lesson blocks.

PianoPartner Lessons are dynamic duos that provide unique benefits to all concerned – student, teacher and parent.  Two lesson structures are available:

  • Full partnership – both students are with the instructor the entire lesson.  Lesson length can be 40 or 60 minutes.  
  • Partner Overlap or 20/20/20 – each student has a 20-minute private teacher time and a 20-minute partner/teacher time.  
Small Group Lessons: Trio and Quad
  • Trio and Quad lessons are available to those students graduating from the Prelude Piano Program
  • Lesson length is 60 minutes.
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1 MWA Piano LessonPiano Classes for MWA Parents  - “How to Parent the Piano Player”5 MWA Piano Lesson

In this 60-minute small-group class (3 – 4 adults), adult students not only learn how to play the piano but also how to parent the piano student! These classes can guide parents in developing strategies with home practice while developing their own piano skills.  Who should join a class?

  • Beginning parents with no previous piano experience
  • Parents who say “I wish my mom/dad didn't let me quit”, i.e. those returning to lessons after a long hiatus.
  • Parents who ‘used to play pretty good”.  For those adults who are more adept, classes can assist in learning duets with their students, understanding the music literacy process at MWA with Guide Notes and Transposition, learn ‘the song' they've always wanted to play, and brush up on skills.
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