Piano Ensemble
PMTAThe Phoenix Music Teachers Association's Piano Ensemble is one of the PMTA's oldest and most beloved traditions.  Beginning in 1952, it continues to strive to provide a unique ensemble performance opportunity for piano students, using a variety of musical genre.  The PMTA Piano Ensemble has become well-known throughout the Valley as an excellent musical experience for both observers and performers.  In recent years, world-renowned composers Kevin Olson, Robert Vandall, Melody Bober and David Karp have eagerly accepted commissions to compose specifically for the Piano Ensemble, and they have also been honored conductors at the concerts.
This annual event is during February culminating in two concerts held at a local high school.  Students learn one part of an assigned duet.  There are three rehearsals and a dress rehearsal the day of the Ensemble Concert.  Students must be 8 years of age by September of the current academic school year in order to participate.  Students are recognized with continuing participation with a 4-year, 8-year and 10-year trophy.  The 8th, 9th, and 10th year students also receive a cash award.  After five years, students have their photograph in the concert program.
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Piano Guild 
NGPTThe National Piano Guild Auditions are held each Spring across the United States.  Adjudicators are sent to audition centers where they hear students perform 1 - 20 memorized pieces. Students receive a report card with comments and a national guild pin.  Guild auditions are a good end-of-the-year 'summary' and give students a goal to work toward for May. Participation in Guild Auditions is always a good addition to college applications. Guild auditions are held during the first two weeks of May in Phoenix.  Schedules are sent out after enrollment.  Each teacher is given a time dependent upon the number of participants.  Auditions are held from 9:00-5:00.  Students will need to be released from school approximately one hour including travel to and from the audition center.
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Fall Festival

PMTAThis event is sponsored by the Phoenix Music Teachers Association and is held the latter part of October.  The purpose of the Fall Festival is to provide students with the opportunity for a private adjudication before a judge.  Each student receives a written critique and either a Participation ribbon or a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal. A recital and awards ceremony with the Gold Medal winners is held the day following the auditions.

Students can elect to perform two pieces from memory.  Each year there is a Fall Festival ‘theme' and repertoire is selected from a list of pieces.  The repertoire is chosen from piano literature and does not allow popular music.  If a student chooses only to have an adjudication and not be eligible for award medals, they may play with music and receive a Participation Ribbon. Music memorization automatically places students into a competitive event. View past performances.

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