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MUSIC WORKS ACADEMY, in the Phoenix valley since 1974, is a private music school offering year-round lessons and classes in piano, guitar, voice and beginning strings for all ages as well as PRELUDE Piano Programs for Young Musicians. A Music Education TechTime Lab is an integral part of the piano curriculum during the academic school year.
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Piano Programs for Young Musicians

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The Prelude Piano Program offers small group piano classes to PreSchool, Kindergarten and First Grade children ages 3 - 6 at the Music Works Academy
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Piano Lessons for All Ages

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MWA offers year round, weekly Piano Lessons Monday - Saturday to all ages, from preschoolers to senior citizens. Several lesson formats are available: Private, Piano Partnerships, Trio and Quad Lessons, and Parent Piano Classes.  Piano study includes all levels of repertoire and all styles of music.   
A TechTime Piano Lab is an integral part of the piano curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students during the academic school year.
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Guitar, Voice, and Strings

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Year round private study in Voice, Guitar and Beginning Strings is offered Monday - Saturday.  MWA welcomes beginners as well as those who want to take their singing and playing to a new level.
Voice lessons at MWA include a wide variety of genre including sight singing, improvisational and jazz, broadway and show tunes, and folk songs.  Guitar lessons are offered on both acoustic and electric guitar as well as bass guitar.
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